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The Swimspace

Welcome to The Swimspace. Children's Swim Lessons in Royal Leamington Spa


Comfort and Confidence

The small semi private lesson we hold in the endless pool are amazing! No more distractions, no more noise, no more fear, no more shouting, no more large classes and a teacher dragging your child around on a float ....

Private or 2:1 Class Sizes are only available. 

The calm teacher and  atmosphere is perfect for your little ones to begin their swim journey. It can be a difficult skill to learn if the process is not handled correctly. 

Fear of the water and sinking is an emotional issue for adults and children alike. 

We start by making the children comfortable in their surroundings and with their teacher, before we ask much from them. 

Their new found comfort in water will build their confidence and their willingness and ability to take on instructions. 

We very rarely use aids as we encourage the children to learn how to balance and float on their own. The teacher is always in the pool helping, reassuring and giving support until the children are ready to try by themselves.

We do not pull children under the water and force them to tackle skills that will scare them. 

Step by step, week by week they will learn correct breath control, balance, holding water with their hands and feet, moving through water easily and all the stroke movement patterns in a simple easy to understand format.

A coaching system similar to that used in Ballet and Martial Arts is employed, attention being paid to the quality of the positions and movement and NOT how far they can travel. Distance will come naturally when the children realise how effortlessly they can now swim.

Our lessons are often recommended to other parents after one of our pupils have been seen swimming in a local pool. The smooth effortless stroke attracts attention as it is fast and without the usual splash and thrash!

Give your child a true gift for life, learning how to swim effortlessly!

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Your Turn

Adults please consider learning properly yourself. Your own confidence in the water will shine through and encourage your children. You will understand what they are going through and you can learn and swim together! Beat the ipad invasion and get out at the weekends and find all those great pools and lidos the Uk have to offer!