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The Swimspace

Welcome to The Swimspace. Children's Swim Lessons in Royal Leamington Spa

Adult Swim Coaching

Our Coaching system

Crazy but it is true that most swim coaching focusses on Propulsion advice...Kick KIck KIck...Pull Pull Pull...

Imagine trying to do any sport however without balance and feeling that sense of panic when you try and ski or ice skate for the first time ever! Add the fact that you have to put your head underwater and it is now wonder that people can not take on information or develop the correct movement patterns needed to swim effortlessly.

This is not how we teach at the Swimspace, first we teach you how to be clam and stay balanced near the surface first. Making sure your spine is aligned so the joints are not put under load and become injured. Making sure you are happy and comfortable and ready to learn!

Then using the Total Immersion Coaching system  we follow a purposely designed set of drills and whole stroke swimming against the current to teach you all the skills you need to progress.

Head Position, Core Engagement, Arm  Positions, Breathing etc 

With video analysis anytime you need to check on your progress you can be assured you are heading in the right direction.

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The Endless Pool

The stationary design of the endless flow current machine allows the coach to stand next to you and guide you as you swim. This ability to adjust your stroke quickens the learning process and is more effective. Swimming on the spot means we can use a mirror for your own adjustment and also to film you with ease.