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The International Pavilion 10th Street Stoneleigh Park Kenilworth CV8 2LG
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The Swimspace

Welcome to The Swimspace. Children's Swim Lessons in Royal Leamington Spa

High quality swim lessons for Children and Adults. You Will Learn to Swim with Us! Covering Leamington, Kenilworth, Warwick.

Unique Endless Pool Technology & Lowest Class Sizes! 2:1 RATIO!

The amazing space we have created is perfect for anyone learning to swim and particularly for children. The compact size of the pool has many advantages but with the addition of the fan driven swim current you can actually swim forever! The flow current is adjustable so the pupil can start very slowly (and even without any current if necessary) but then advance to faster more challenging conditions as the pupils skills improve. The small pool size allows us to keep the water at 32degrees and means we are able to afford some of the latest water treatments available to reduce chemical usage. To top it all off, the pupil also benefits from the smallest class sizes around  & therefore superior individual attention. 

We only teach 1 lesson at a time in the pool, so you can be assured of the correct environment for your child to learn.

Water Quality

Running the revolutionary Bionizer system which uses natural mineral ions, copper and silver, to transform swimming pools and spas to natural fresh water. This allows us to run a lower level of chlorine for your comfort. We then combine this with additional Ultra Violet Light technology for the ultimate in water quality. Great for those sensitive skins.

Teacher Proximity

Our coach is always close at hand for safety, confidence and hands on help for correct technique. We love this unique teacher proximity in our swim lessons as it means we can engage the children's minds and keep them focused on the art of skill learning. Of course they can have a play in the current at the end!

Lessons Times and Prices:

Childen's Lessons

Children's Swim Lessons - Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa 

Pre School Children 10am-2pm (Tues,Weds,Fri)
20 mins Lessons
1:1 £25
2:1 £12.50

School Children 
4pm-7pm 30 min Lesson
1:1 £25
2:1 £12.50

Saturdays 10am- 2pm
All Ages Welcome 30 min lessons 
1:1 £25
2:1 £12.50

We ask children to have a good quality pair of googles and a hat. Lycra costumes and a keen will to learn!

Your coach is Karen and she works the swimspace full time, so no more revolving coaches that don't know your child!

Adult Coaching

Adult Swim Lessons - Royal Leamington Spa /Stoneleigh /Kenilworth.

We love Total Immersion and follow its teaching system with great success. We provide Video Analysis and have an in pool mirror for your ease of learning.

£60 per hour

£300 for block of 6 One hour Lessons.

We have been teaching Adults in this pool since 2014 and we are convinced that instruction in this environment is worth approx 3hours in a normal pool. we have helped water phobics, beginners, club swimmers, triathletes and open water enthusiasts. We are convinced you will will be thrilled with your progress. Jump on board now to blow the competition away next summer!

Lie Back and Enjoy your Success!

How We Do It!

Firstly, the environment is clean, quiet and the class sizes are super small. 

We tailor the lessons to suit abilities for faster learning. It also allows the nervous the time settle themselves before attempting to swim. Confidence is king!

We have a proven learning system that is simple but very effective. Designed over the past 10 years with input from worldwide coaches it just works! This builds confidence and makes swimming feel great. If it feels good you will want to come and swim! that is the key!

As the pupil grows so does the current and the ability to increase the speed incrementally means faster swimming without you realising. The flow current also gives a great grounding for tougher conditions like river and the ocean!

Contact Us:

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours to chat about your swimming needs. We are often in the pool though so please call ahead to arrange a time!

Children's Swim Lessons in Kenilworth

Tenth Street, Stoneleigh, Coventry, Warwickshire, England CV8 2TZ, United Kingdom

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